Music Therapy Services


  • behavioural / developmental base, with later training in community music therapy and humanistic influences

Services Provided

  • daily, weekly or bi-weekly
  • on-line or in person
  • individual, small group, or consultation

Needs Served

  • behaviour (aggression, agitation, non-compliant, unfocused attention)
  • development: cognitive, social, language support, self care
  • rehabilitation
  • support within medical environment (e.g., during dentist or medical treatments)
  • quality of life


working with those who have

  • -cognitive impairments and severe behavioural issues; or
  • -limited functioning abilities.

For example:

  • cognitively impaired child who is unable to focus attention
  • autistic teen who is unmotivated
  • brain injured adult who is socially withdrawn
  • person in coma
  • person with dementia who experiences periods of extreme agitation